GrindHaven Blogs

  • Affordable Room Re-do?

    Update Any Room With Little To No Cost. Moving your furniture around is our number-one recommendation if you want to rejuvenate a room with no cost at all. Think outside of the box and don't be afraid to shift furniture between rooms. There's no law against having a love-seat in your bedroom. Is your furniture heavy and hard to maneuver? No problem! Look around your home to find inspiration for other changes you can make. Lamps, wall decor, rugs, and chairs are usually lightweight and easy to mix and match to create an entirely new look. 

  • The Design of Your Workspace Matters

    There are lots of ways to incorporate both personality and professionalism into your space. Your space should reflect you personally and the love you have for your job. Don’t be afraid to be unique. A work space lacking creativity and personal touch can affect your energy. Choosing the right decor can awaken your enthusiasm and put your passion on display for others to absorb. Whether it be colleagues or customers it never hurts to leave a lasting impression.