The Correlation Between Productivity and Proper Lighting

Unique lighting, furniture, on saleYou want a workspace that’s both functional and comfortable. Proper lighting is critical to both function and comfort. One of the perks of having your own office space is the freedom to personalize it so that the room reflects your personality and interests, and you can do this by carefully choosing the proper lighting.

Maximizing the utility of a small space can be tricky, especially if your workspace is also used for personal activities. The key is to layer elements such as lighting so that the room is multifunctional. Consider incorporating ambient, statement, task, and accent light fixtures.

Each of these serves a specific function:

  • Ambient: This type of lighting sets the stage for the entire workspace. It creates a consistent base even though it’s not the only source in the room.

  • Statement: Let your personality, taste, and personal interests be showcased with an interesting statement fixture. It doesn’t have to big and bold, especially if you are known for being subtle and diplomatic

unique lighting, furniture, on sale
  • Task: This element is very important when considering exactly where you are and what you’re doing in your workspace all day. Someone who is on a computer all day will need a correlating desk lamp to ease eye strain. Conversely, an artist who sits at a drawing board or table needs lighting that enhances the natural colors used in their craft.

  • Accent: Use accent lighting to draw attention to art or even highlight interesting architectural features of your workspace.

Proper lighting affects you more than you may realize. A darkened room can make you sleepy or withdrawn, and result in lower productivity. A room that’s too bright can cause eye strain or just simply be too distracting, also lowering productivity. Improper lighting can even affect your mood. By instituting the many lighting options outlined above, you have greater flexibility and control over your workspace, which in turns provide greater control over productivity and morale.

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